The history of the WRVID #45 district begins in 1914. In 1914 property owners in the northern portion of what we know as Bellevue Triangle voted to create an irrigation district. Early in 1915 the Blaine County Board of Commissioners formally issued  its Order of January 19, 1915 ratifying the creation of the district as a quasi municipal organization pursuant to Idaho Statues, Title 43 and certified the creation of three divisions within the district. The Commissioners confirmed the election of the first three directors, one from each division.

Title 43 of the Idaho Code, which authorizes the formation of irrigation districts, and provides the legal framework  for the operations of irrigation districts, continues to serve as the governing structure for the District. As can be seen by the District map, the district’s triangular shape is generally bounded by what we now know as Gannett Road on the east, Highway 75 on the west and Baseline Road to the south.