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Water District 37 (Big Wood River Water District 37)

A map with terrain features, rivers marked in blue, and routes or boundaries in orange.

Water District 37 includes ground water and all streams tributary to the Big Wood River and the Little Wood River except Camas Creek and tributaries, excluding Water District 37N (Upper Little Wood River and tributaries), Water District 37O (Muldoon Creek and tributaries), and Water District 37U (Fish Creek and tributaries), and the lower portion of the Malad River and tributaries downstream and west of the point where the boundary crosses the Malad River (approximately where Interstate 84 crosses the Malad River).

As per the map, if your property is within the boundary of Water District 37 you will receive a bill from the Big Wood River Office in Shoshone, Idaho for receiving water for agricultural use if there are water rights attached to your property.

Water District 37 Assessment Page

Local Office: Big Wood River Water District 37, 107 1st Street, Shoshone, ID 83352 

Phone #: (208) 886-2451

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