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Trout Unlimited

What a great way to end a season. Trout Unlimited called their volunteers in and rescured 8600 trout that would die in our canal system if not rescued. The WRVID slowly closed the head gates and the big trout instinctively know to swim out of the canal. Then the Trout Unlimited team comes in and rescues the smaller fish. In less than two days we were able to capture and release 8600 trout. Jim Super showed the volunteers a secret sink hole that contained thousands of fish !! What a great rescue team !!

Three people wading in a river surrounded by autumn trees.
Three people by a river during autumn, surrounded by trees with yellow foliage.
A person holds a small fish in their hand against a water backdrop.
A man pouring contents from a bucket into a large tank in the bed of a pickup truck, surrounded by trees with autumn leaves.
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