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Triangle Irrigation District

Welcome to the Triangle Irrigation District. Established in 2015, we are a quasi-governmental organization with an elected three-member board of directors and appointed officers charged with delivering the water rights assigned to the members of the district. We are unique in the state of Idaho as an irrigation district.


  1. The district is unique in that the water rights are owned by the individual landowner and not by the actual irrigation district. This poses distinct differences in how water rights are delivered based on water rights priorities.
  2. An elected Board of Directors works to manage and conduct the legal business and affairs of the district along with billing of assessments for water delivery.

There are Three divisions within the district, and each is represented by a board member. Board members serve a 3-year term on a rotational basis. Board members are elected by the whole district and not the individual division. If you have interest in running for a board seat in the division you live in, please feel free to contact the secretary on details how to do so or go to the link for Title 43 codes and find the one pertaining to elections.



Monthly board meetings are open to the public and are usually every second (2nd) Tuesday of the month, in the morning. The meeting notices are posted a minimum of two (2) days prior to the meeting along with the meeting agenda.

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