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TID (Triangle Irrigation District)

A map showing the Triangle Irrigation District boundaries over a topographical background, detailing acres served.


If your land lies within the highlighted blue zone outlined on this map, you will receive an assessment bill from the TID Board.

Assessments are established each year by the Board of Directors, using a budgeting process to determine the costs incurred to operate and maintain the water delivery system. The annual budget is composed of two parts: district administration costs and infrastructure operation and maintenance costs. 

If you own the water right, you pay the assessment whether you use the water or not. Your assessment is simply the right to use the water based on Idaho Law.

Assessments are mailed in early November with payment due by December 20th. However, just like property taxes, a district water right holder has the option to pay one-half (1/2) of the assessment on or before December 20th due date, and the remaining one-half (1/2) will not become delinquent util June 20th at 5:00 pm of the following year. The district has a statutory obligation to charge interest and penalties on late payments.

All billing and payments are handled by the district’s Treasurer: 

Brett Stevenson (208) 720-8336

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