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Board of Control

Per the Idaho Legislature in 2013, a new entity was created called the Board of Control (BOC) that is the BOC is responsible for the management of the joint works including maintenance of the water delivery system (canals & ditches) owned by the two irrigation districts and subject to the board of directors of the respective districts. The BOC is responsible for hiring the Water Master and assistances for managing the delivery of surface water rights to all property owners within the boundary for the co-owner districts WRVID#45 and TID.

Both co-owner districts review and approve the BOC annual budget, appoint representatives to the BOC board, and fund the BOC budget proportionally, based upon the irrigated acres within each district. Currently, WRVID#45 has one appointed representative on the BOC Board, while TID has four appointed representatives. 


The Board of Control meets quarterly, and the meetings are open to the public. The meeting notices and agenda are posted a minimum of two (2) days prior to the meeting. Meeting notices are posted on two power poles, one located at Kingsbury Lane & Gannett Road and at Browning Lane and Gannett Road. Meetings are currently being held at 211 Baseline Road. For further information on the meetings, you may contact any director or staff member.

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