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Welcome to the Wood River Irrigation District 45 Website. Established in 1915 we are a quasi- governmental organization with an elected board of directors and appointed officers charged with delivering the water rights assigned to the members of the district. We are unique in the state of Idaho as an irrigation district. We are the only district where the water rights are owned by the individual landowners and not by the actual irrigation district. This poses distinct differences in how to deliver water based on specific water rights priorities vs. just to the total acreage as a whole.


There are three divisions within the district and each is represented by a board member. Board members serve a 3 year term on a rotational basis. Board members are elected by the whole district and not the individual division. Currently you must reside inside your division to be a board member for that division. If you have interest in running for a board seat in the division you live in, please feel free to contact any board member on details how to do so, or go to the link for Title 43 codes and find the one pertaining to elections.


Assessments are established every year by the Board of Directors to cover the costs incurred to run and maintain the irrigation system. Assessment are sent out in early November. Payment of 1/2 is due by December 20th of that year with the remaining 1/2 due June 20th of the following year. Assessments are just like taxes in the fact that if not paid, the District has the legal authority to charge interest and penalties on late payment as well as lien and for-close on the property after three years of unpaid assessments.

If you own the water right, you pay the assessment whether you use the water or not. Your assessment is simply the right to use the water based on Idaho Law.


Monthly board meetings open to the public are (usually) held every second (2nd) Tuesday of the month. The meeting notices are posted at the Bellevue USPS,  at the meeting place as required, and on two telephone poles (baseline road east &Highway 75 and Kingsbury Lane & Gannett Rd. Notices of meetings are posted a minimum of (5) days prior as well as on the website.  Meetings are currently being held at Clearwater Landscaping Co. on Kingsbury Lane, Bellevue, Id., . For further information contact any Director or staff member.


Water is typically turned into the canal by April 15th depending on the year, weather, and calls for water. It is typically turned off completely by October 1st. Water cuts based on year of priority take place based on available water in the Big Wood River along with priority calls from other water users. Because of substantial water conveyance loss in our systems, as the summer goes on and less and less water is available our system starts to lose its capability to deliver water rights that are still being delivered into the system. The water is literally gone before it can get to the end user.


Ditch maintenance is an on going process. For many years prior only the bare minimums were done to keep the ditches flowing. Over the past 3-5 years larger projects have been undertaken to start the process of bringing the ditches into an easily manageable and maintainable condition. There is still a long way to go, but progress will be made.