Intermountain Gas

Gas Line Burried Underneath CanalThe WRIVD has worked closely with Intermountain Gas this fall in an attempt to bury their gas line. We had to wait until the canal system was nearly dry and even then Intermountain gas had to pump water for 2 nights!! What a challenge, but we finally were able to get the job done and now the gas line is safely buried under our canal.


Replacing Wood at Head GateWRVID #45 would like to thank Nick Purdy and his amazing crew for helping us with repairs to our head gate. Mr. Purdy provided the materials at cost and donated much of the labor for this project. All of the old wood was removed from the head gates and replaced with steel beams. The cat walk was replaced and a nice (and much safer) hand rail was installed. Below are before and after shots of the head gate project.

Trout Unlimited

What a great way to end a season. Trout Unlimited called their volunteers in and rescured 8600 trout that would die in our canal system if not rescued. The WRVID slowly closed the head gates and the big trout instinctively know to swim out of the canal. Then the Trout Unlimited team comes in and rescues the smaller fish. In less than two days we were able to capture and release 8600 trout. Jim Super showed the volunteers a secret sink hole that contained thousands of fish !! What a great rescue team !!


BermThank you to Keith Meyers for putting in the berm at the end of another successful water season. Mr. Meyers is always there to assist the district with the “big jobs” and does great work.